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How to choose an embroidery machine?

Embroidery machines may be single head, dual-head, four, six ... and vosmigolovochnye. Depending on product selection and also a lot of non-Chinese and Chinese-made production machines. Non-Chinese production machine still can not be compared with the Chinese. It is, accordingly, and the quality of sewing, embroidery quality, parts quality, and noise, vibration and durability. Non-Chinese equipment - much higher quality item than the Chinese embroidery machines.

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While on the other hand the Chinese are working. Work is work, but ... I personally prefer the longer non-Chinese art. Japanese cars: write ... It's just heaven and earth.

- There is an opinion that if the embroidery machine is rarely used, for example, in the studio of the customer's order, then we can take the Chinese. If this is some kind of mass production, large volumes, it is necessary to take necessarily non-Chinese. Is it true?

Optionally, the non-Chinese take equipment for large production. Again, I prefer non-Chinese machines. I just know a lot of industries where Chinese embroidery machines are, and nothing - sew, embroider without problems, and maintains the machines the same machinery as conventional machines.

Embroidery Machines, reviews them and exploitation - one of the most popular topics in the discussion of sewing equipment among my readers. Therefore, the following quote a fragment of a conversation with an expert in embroidery machine company "World of sewing and ironing"

brother pe 500

When choosing embroidery machines in the first place, probably you need to look at the maximum hoop size that this machine will be able to take a. You can certainly buy more of these hoops, but the maximum size of the hoop is still limited. The largest size of the hoop, which is now possible, this embroidery machine Pfaff Creative Sensation - 36 × 30 (× 20) - the minimum size that is acceptable. But it is not 10 × 10 - is quite small embroidery hoop, suit except logos and small pictures can be embroidered.

The bigger the hoop, the larger picture can be embroidered .. If you choose between Pfaff and the Bernina, the main difference between them - a shuttle. At Pfaff - a horizontal shuttle from Bernina - a vertical hook. Vertical Shuttle is considered more powerful.

But honestly, the horizontal hook me more like him there are no problems with the dressing and it is reliable: it simply plastic parts and hence it is considered less reliable, although there is always a complete replacement.

What else is important when choosing embroidery machines?

There is an opinion that the computerized machines, including sewing and embroidery machines, to work hard.

It's not more complicated than do the basic functions of the computer, no more difficult than using a cell phone. Approximately at the same level, a first unusual, but once you get comfortable, then sew a lot easier on computerized machines and embroidery machines: they have more opportunities, they are better suggest what to do, they are less likely to break down because they have a fuse . If you wrote the wrong on a mechanical machine, it will not stop you.

At the same time you can break anything in the car. Computerized sewing and embroidery machine will stop you: STOP, you that something is not right, do this and that. That is, it will not break you herself. This has a very useful quality. The embroidery is very important that the machine stops when the thread is over. It is not always seen beyond the field of embroidery, as you thread the bobbin remains, and how much of the upper thread in there. When selecting the embroidery machine should pay attention to if there is an automatic stop when the bobbin thread is over. This function is in most sewing and embroidery machines.

In the more expensive sewing and embroidery there is an automatic stop if the thread is over the top. It is also a very useful feature, because the machine does not interrupt itself: the sensor tells her that thread ends, it stops itself. And after you tuck the thread, it will start from the same place. The embroidery is quite critical!

The embroidery machines more often when the machine is running, followed by optional, it currently operates quietly and can deviate go about their business. That is why automatic stop if the thread ends, is very important: it is possible to notice late and because of this, it can move out all the embroidery and it is just plain ugly. We'll have to redo everything. One thing - if it stops in advance, and another thing, if it stops after a little sew without thread.

Machines more expensive stop in advance, when the "feel" that little thread. There are machines where it will sew without thread a little bit and then tell you that there is no thread.

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